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Chorus Suite

Chorus is an independent provider of software to law enforcement and defence. Our technology is a solution for automatically cleansing, combining and connecting complex data sets including communications data and device downloads to answer key investigation questions immediately using mapping, visualisation, and courtroom ready reports. See below for links to our product suite.

Chorus Analyser

Chorus Analyser

The number 1 data cleansing and analysis tool used by UK law enforcement. Drag and drop all your digital data to be overlaid, analysed, and mapped to generate courtroom ready reports.

Chorus Investigator

Chorus Investigator

Front line tool for Investigators and officers to answer the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of a case in an instant.

Chorus Indexer

Chorus Indexer

Unlock intelligence from previous investigations and find the needle in the haystack of data by searching any file type for key words, IMEIs, phone numbers or other entities.

Expert Training

Chorus offer a range of CPD certified training courses to help you understand and analyse different types of data that can be used for intelligence and evidence in criminal investigations. See our training page here

What our clients have to say

"Chorus is by far the most significant aid to intelligence technology this century."
Investigator / UK Police Force
"Chorus was used extensively during this operation including prior to the arrest, during the interviews and finally to produce evidential mapping and call schedules which undoubtedly assisted in the early guilty pleas."
Analyst / UK Police Force
"Chorus was invaluable for processing and analysing all the billing data. Manual processing would have taken several weeks and the additional functionality and speed gave us many options for identifying important details that would have been otherwise impossible to uncover."
SIO / Suffolk Police
"Chorus is performing brilliantly, it’s using historic and live time data to inform pro-active policing decisions, and getting results"
Criminal Intelligence Analyst / UK Police Force
"Very impressed with Chorus. It will save us huge amounts of time cleansing data, leaving more time for analysis"
Tactical Analyst / UK Police Force
"The ability to cross reference data with existing cases in other regions is invaluable"
Senior Investigator / SOCU
"Without Chorus, it would have been impossible to get through the volume of data involved"
Major Incident Analyst / UK Police
"Chorus has given us a real advantage in our fight against crime"
Analyst / UK Police

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