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Chorus Intelligence is an independent specialist provider of data-analytics solutions. Our clients include law enforcement agencies, central governments, defence agencies and businesses. Founded in 2011, Chorus Intelligence (originally Create Intelligence) is dedicated to exploiting advances in technology for the benefit of our clients. Already, our lead product, Chorus Analyser, has been chosen by 90% of police forces. Chorus Intelligence is based in the UK but is committed to working internationally.



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Of UK police forces already use Chorus


Records can be handled using Chorus


Faster Analysis using Chorus

What is Chorus?

Clarity, collaboration, connection


Data Cleansing

Chorus integrates any digital data source into a consolidated database and allows quick and easy analysis to find the answers investigators need.


Integrated Mapping

Use Chorus for all of your mapping needs; plot items of data against a high-quality court-ready map, and produce dynamic videos to evidence movement patterns.


Connection Detection

Use a simple desktop tool to view consolidated, complex data sources as a cohesive whole as a timeline, social network chart, map or a range of court-ready reports.


Typical ROI: Under 40 Days

Chorus cuts down the time it takes to identify links between suspects, devices and locations.

It can handle up to 10 million records and provides a robust audit trail, ensuring that the data analysis can be fully explained and defended in court.

  • Connection Detection

  • Data Cleansing

  • Integrated Mapping

  • Autoloading of Data

What our clients have to say

"Chorus is performing brilliantly, it’s using historic and live time data to inform pro-active policing decisions, and getting results"
Criminal Intelligence Analyst / UK Police Force
"Very impressed with Chorus. It will save us huge amounts of time cleansing data, leaving more time for analysis"
Tactical Analyst / UK Police Force
"The ability to cross reference data with existing cases in other regions is invaluable"
Senior Investigator / SOCU
"Without Chorus, it would have been impossible to get through the volume of data involved"
Major Incident Analyst / UK Police
"Chorus has given us a real advantage in our fight against crime"
Analyst / UK Police



Our clients use Chorus in a range of industries, including Border Security, Civil Government, Defence, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement.


We offer a range of bespoke services that don’t fall into traditional categories. If you have a project involving large amounts of data, we can help.

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