The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS)

End-to-end digital investigations from one platform, one dashboard

Overlay and combine all digital data, in one place, to easily spot connections and answer key questions.

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The Chorus Intelligence Suite

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The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), is a digital intelligence platform that offers most advanced data search, analysis, cleansing and evidence enrichment tools, all from one platform, one dashboard and accessed with just one login.

For the first time, analysts, investigators and front-line officers will be empowered to conduct end-to-end digital investigations.

Intuitive, self-serve tools, can be used by all to combine analytical data with open-source intelligence and internal data, to easily identify patterns, spot connections and answer key questions.

Key Capabilities

Federated search and enrichment

Leverage an entity enrichment and attribution tool to query any entity and bulk search across your internal files, consented data and over 200 social media platforms, from one place. Features include:

  • Search hashtags – for people, places, upcoming events to monitor emerging threats
  • Perform advanced searches – to expand on data sets of relevance eg: a facebook advanced search will return results specific to a facebook account, such as available data around hometown, education, workplace etc.
  • Create watchlists – to monitor people and terms of interest and get notified
  • Enrich evidence – by overlaying your OSINT with any other digital data, in one dashboard, to spot connections

Data Cleansing & Analysis

Save 97% of your time with the world’s leading data cleansing and analysis engine. Drag and drop any digital data to be automatically cleansed and formatted. Features include:

  • Analyse dashboard – Feature-rich, advanced reporting for Analysts and data experts
  • Investigate dashboard – Inutitive, self-serve tools empowers Investigators and front-line officers to get quick answers from data
  • Intelligent reporting – Choose from over 45 reports to query the most frequently asked investigative questions and produce maps, timelines, event schedules and charts to visualise the results in multiple ways

Case Management & Sharing

Store and share all your investigative data in a central and fully secure digital hub. Browser-based, the CIS and can be accessed at any time, from any device, to securely manage end-to-end investigations. Features include:

  • Create & collaborate – Any data uploaded or captured will be made searchable to enable easy collaboration and sharing with colleagues, partners and external agencies.
  • Perform cross-case analysis – across your operational and historical files to determine if an entity has appeared before.
  • Apply audit & access controls – Choose who can view/edit cases and maintain audit logs to document when any activities are performed, by who and when.



Secure open-source capture

Capture any webpage, image or video in a single click, from a secure and anonymous environment. Features include:

  • Go Anonymous – Leverage an IP obfuscated environment when conducting online searches and ensure your online footprint is hidden.
  • One-Click Capture – Capture any webpage, social media account, image or video, in just one click and store as a searchable PDF within your case.
  • Redact, Store & Report – Automatically redact names, numbers, or any keyword from your captured evidence.

Internal Data Integration

Centralise and search internal & unstructured data to discover hidden intelligence. Features include:

  • Make your legacy data searchable – Upload disparate data files via a secure upload portal, to be indexed and made searchable against all operational and closed cases.
  • Perform cross-case analysis – to determine if an entity eg: name, phone number or address has appeared before. The CIS supports both fuzzy and/or exact matching.
  • Custom integrations supported – Chorus can tailor specific integrations to each organisation where the requirement exists eg: Record Management Systems or any other line of business system


Evidential Reporting

Overlay internal, external and consented data to interrogate and report in multiple ways, and generate custom reports, to courtroom-ready standards. Features include:

  • Visualise, enrich, expand – Generate interactive timelines, maps, pivot tables, heat charts and matrices to interpret your data in a multitude of ways, to spot connections.
  • Intelligent Interrogation – Choose from over 45 pre-populated reports to query the most frequently asked investigative questions eg: report on an individual’s top 10 interactions or potential meetings between targets.
  • Customised reporting – Set filters to customise searches and visualise particular data sets.


Empower multiple roles to make better decisions  icon

Empower multiple roles to make better decisions

Intuitive, self-serve tools and functionality enables anyone working on an investigation to get answers from data

Increase detection & enforcement rates  icon

Increase detection & enforcement rates

Combine analytical data with OSINT and internal data to never miss a connection

Save money  icon

Save money

Connect disparate systems into one platform so you no longer need to subscribe and log in to multiple systems to find the data that you need.

Increase data sharing and collaboration  icon

Increase data sharing and collaboration

Collaborate on and share cases with colleagues, partners and external organisations.

Optimise efficiency  icon

Optimise efficiency

Store, index, search, analyse and report on ALL data in one place

Safe & Secure  icon

Safe & Secure

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which protects anonymity

What our customers think

The Chorus Intelligence Suite has been developed in partnership with our customers and has helped to solve some of the UK’s biggest investigations.

We continually evolve and enhance our software to solve their challenges.

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