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Two remote training options to support customers and students with their desire for new skills and expertise.

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Chorus E-Learning

Moodle is the world’s most popular self-learning platform and Chorus has a dedicated environment for our customers.

Free access to training courses for Analyse and Investigate to ensure you are getting the most from both systems.

Chorus - Virtual Classroom

Instructor-led training in a secure virtual classroom specifically designed for government and security sector organisations.

Ideal for CPD certified courses that require a qualified trainer to guide you through the content.


Modular Based

The course uses the different functionality available in Chorus as modules with suggested timings for completion. Users can decide to complete the course in one go or break it down into more manageable chunks.

Knowledge Tests

At the end of each module there is a short interactive quiz which can be attempted multiple times. When all tests have been completed and are 100% correct then a course certificate becomes available to download.


There are two forums in the Chorus platform, one for the students to connect and one for students to connect with Chorus experts. ‘Cohorts’ can also be set up so certain organisations can work together.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, probably the best I’ve ever been on – and certainly the most useful.

Intelligence Analyst - Communications Data Analysis Training

Virtual Classrooms

Built-in Conference Call Technology

The virtual classroom has conference call technology built-in so everyone can communicate and collaborate. Slides and other content can easily be shared and an interactive white board makes it easy for both the students and the teachers to annotate.

Messaging functionality means that the teacher and students can communicate easily and naturally.

Lab Environments

Students access lab environments where all of the software and files they require are pre-loaded.  This unique environment allows them to practice without having to load anything locally and means they can get started straight away.

Instructors can also visit each student’s lab to check progress and provide 1-to-1 tuition.

Accessible and Affordable

The virtual classroom doesn’t come with any travel or training rooms costs so course can be offered at a very affordable rate.

All students require is an internet connection and a computer. The software and the course materials are pre-loaded into the classroom for easy access.

Our Courses

CI-08 Strategic Intelligence Analysis

This course teaches operational strategies and techniques to address medium to long term intelligence issues.

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CI-01 Tactical Chorus

This course provides comprehensive training on Chorus Analyse. Participants become expert users through working on an investigation with multiple data and intelligence feeds.

CI-02 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

This course focuses on investigating people, companies, and websites of interest. Participants learn little-known techniques that will enhance their operational work. Taught techniques & tools are free and work globally

CI-03 Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)

This course focuses on conducting passive online research across a wide range of Social Media platforms, to find hidden content and accounts. Taught techniques and tools require no payment & work globally.

CI-04 Introduction to Communications Data

This course provides a comprehensive overview of communications data, from its acquisition through to its use in aiding investigations and enhancing operational decision making.

CI-05 Effective Analysis of Communications Data

This course helps participants to understand and interpret communications data and to conduct analysis in an operational context to provide insights that aid effective decision making.

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CI-06 Microsoft Excel to Enhance Analytical Support

This course teaches Microsoft Excel within an operational context. On completion, participants will be able to use Excel as an aid to present datasets in a clear and concise manner to assist operational decision making.

CI-07 Intelligence Analysis and Structured Analytic Techniques

Improve your Intelligence Analysis skills in this interactive course which teaches the most useful Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) for contemporary Intelligence Analysis

Why else should you choose Chorus?

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Industry Recognised

All of our courses are CPD certified, meaning your training is recognised by industry experts and leaders.

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Expertise. Delivered.

We know that it isn’t always possible to travel. We can deliver courses virtually or at any location to suite you.

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Informed by Experience

All of our trainers are experienced and qualified, so you know your needs are recognised and met.

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Financially Flexible

Share costs with other organisations.

Maximise results and team efficiency

We offer a range of accredited intelligence analysis training courses to help you understand and analyse the different types of data that can be used as intelligence in investigations.

Chorus is by far the most significant aid to intelligence technology this century.

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