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Internal Data Integration

Uncover hidden intelligence across your internal and unstructured data

Upload and index disparate data and make it 100% searchable against your operational and closed cases

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Internal Data Integration

Centralise and search internal & unstructured data

When gathering intelligence for an investigation, organisations will often have masses of digital data stored across internal databases and in unstructured legacy files, such as spreadsheets, word documents and more.

The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) enables users to upload disparate data files via a secure upload portal, to be indexed and made 100% searchable against all operational and closed cases.

Internal data integration will always ensure that your hidden and historic intelligence is made use of.


Key Capabilities

Make your legacy data searchable

Securely upload any internal or unstructured, disparate legacy files into the CIS, to centralise your investigative data.

The CIS supports a range of file types including image-based PDFs that are fully searchable via OCR. For example, a user can upload a passport photo and the CIS will automatically document the name, passport number, date of birth etc.

Discover unknown connections

For any data that you upload to the CIS, it will be indexed and made searchable against your operational and closed cases.

A cross-case analysis can be performed on any uploaded data, to determine if an entity, such as a name, phone number or address has appeared before, leaving no stone unturned in your investigation.

The CIS supports both fuzzy and/or exact matching, to account for multiple spellings when searching.

Custom integrations supported

Chorus can tailor specific integrations to each organisation where the requirement exists.

For example, if you wish to integrate an existing Record Management System (RMS) or any other line of business systems, Chorus can take a copy of that, to be made searchable within the CIS.

Centralise internal and unstructured data

Upload disparate legacy files, to be indexed and made 100% searchable against all other investigative data

Cross-case analysis

Search any entity across your operational and historical cases, to discover if it has appeared before

Develop custom Integrations

Integrate any of your line of business systems to search against all other case data

This tool not only cuts the time, but essentially eliminates any time required at all.

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The Chorus Intelligence Suite comprises of just one platform, one dashboard and requires just one login to conduct end-to-end investigations.

Intuitive tools can be used by all, no matter your role or ability, to get answers from your data and tackle the biggest crime types.


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