Turn data into intelligence and evidence

Digital investigation software to ensure alignment with the 2030 National Policing Digital Strategy.

Harness the power of digital technology to identify risk, solve crime and prevent harm through intelligence-led policing. The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) offers a 21st century service for victims of crime.

End-to-end investigations

The current state of policing

  • Crime detection rates are low and have deteriorated
  • Online crime is now by far the most prevalent crime type
  • There is increased demands to tackle organised crime via
    collaboration and data sharing
  • Forces are faced with resourcing issues and cannot
    meet demand
  • Funding issues now require forces to do more with less

One platform, one dashboard

The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) has been developed to combat issues throughout law enforcement by empowering multiple roles, from analysts, investigators and front-line officers to conduct end-to-end digital investigations via just one intuitive platform.


Increase detection and enforcement rates icon

Increase detection and enforcement rates

Overlay analytical and internal data with OSINT, in one dashboard, to spot immediate connections

Improve services for victims of crime icon

Improve services for victims of crime

Solve crime quicker. Seamlessly access, search, analyse and report on data, from multiple sources

Empower multiple roles to make better decisions icon

Empower multiple roles to make better decisions

Self-serve tools for analysts, investigators and front-line officers

Reduce reputational risk icon

Reduce reputational risk

Leave no stone unturned and never miss a connection in your investigations

Maximise operational efficiency icon

Maximise operational efficiency

Optimise resourcing and plan smarter by democratising data and enabling multiple roles to get answers from data

Increase collaboration  icon

Increase collaboration

Seamless data sharing with colleagues, partners and external organisations

Chorus is by far the most significant aid to intelligence technology this century.

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Designed + built To Integrate


The Chorus Intelligence Suite comprises of just one platform, one dashboard and requires just one login to conduct end-to-end investigations.

Intuitive tools can be used by all, no matter your role or ability, to get answers from your data and tackle the biggest crime types.

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