Social Media Intelligence

This course focuses on conducting passive online research across a wide range of Social Media platforms, to find hidden content and accounts. Taught techniques and tools require no payment & work globally.

3 – 4th August 2023

2 day course

Learning outcomes

Origins icon


Know the origins of Social Media intelligence and its application in investigations.

Accounts icon


Identify Social Media accounts by username, email, or phone.

Twitter icon


Conduct advanced searches in Twitter

Foreign languages icon

Foreign languages

Research in foreign language Social Media

Leverage information icon

Leverage information

Extract and leverage information held in image, video, and community Social Media platforms

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Consider the ethical and legal frameworks around the application of Social Media Intelligence.

Facebook icon


Conduct advanced searches in Facebook

Instagram icon


Conduct advanced searches in Instagram

Russian Facebook icon

Russian Facebook

Conduct advanced searches in Russian Facebook site Vkontakte

Linkedin icon


Investigate and find hidden information in professional Social Media networking sites including LinkedIn.