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Industry leading digital intelligence and investigation software for law enforcement, financial and corporate institutions.

Advanced data search, analysis, cleansing and evidence enrichment software via one platform, one dashboard, one login.

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Realize the full potential of your data

Discover the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) to take control of every stage of a digital investigation.

Cloud and browser-based, the CIS features a range of intuitive, self-serve tools, that can be used by multiple roles to get investigative answers from data. 

Empower analysts, investigators, open-source experts, front-line officers and more with data cleansing, analysis, search and entity enrichment tools and reap the benefits of improved crime detection rates, optimized resourcing, increased efficiency and seamless collaboration and sharing.

One platform, one dashboard, one login

Valued customers

All of our products have been developed with user feedback in mind. We value the opinion of customers and are driven to making our products better.

Ahead of the curve

Our dedication to revolutionizing the digital landscape means we continually innovate and enhance our products to stay ahead of industry changes.

Expertise and experience

Our experienced team has a background in law enforcement, from Analysts and Investigators to digital forensics and open source experts.

We set out to re-engineer our analytical capabilities and sought a solution that would support us in maximizing our operational effectiveness and time efficiency, while providing the best possible return on investment. The CIS will enable us to achieve this and set a precedent for intelligence-led, data-driven policing going forward.

Chief Paul Neudigate, Virginia Beach Police Department

What our customers think

The Chorus Intelligence Suite has been developed in partnership with our customers and has helped to solve some of the world’s biggest investigations.

We continually evolve and enhance our software to solve their challenges.

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Maximize results and team efficiency

We offer a range of accredited training courses to help you understand and analyze the different types of data that can be used as intelligence in investigations.

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End-to-end investigations


The Chorus Intelligence Suite comprises of just one platform, one dashboard and requires just one login to conduct end-to-end investigations.

Intuitive tools can be used by all, no matter your role or ability, to get answers from your data and tackle the biggest crime types.

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