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Case Management & Sharing

Store and collaborate on all your investigative data in one fully secure and audited platform.

Apply access controls and make data 100% searchable.

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Case Management & Sharing

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A single data and case store

The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) features a single digital repository for all your investigative data.

Browser-based, the CIS and can be accessed at any time, from any device, to securely create and collaborate on cases.

Simply upload any digital data (CDR’s, ANPR, handset downloads), capture OSINT and ingest internal evidence, to be enriched, overlaid and reported on, in just one platform and via one dashboard.

Share your intelligence with colleagues, partners and external agencies at the click of a button.



Key Capabilities

Create and Collaborate

Securely access the CIS from any browser to quickly and easily create, view and collaborate on cases.

Any data that is uploaded, captured or sourced across the CIS will be indexed and can be attributed to a case, to be shared with colleagues, partners and external agencies.

Store large evidence files, in multiple files types, including: PDF, CSV, XLSX, HTML, PPT, PNG, JPG and more.

Financial investigation

Bulk Search for Cross-Case Analysis

All content stored in the CIS is fully searchable and can be bulk searched to reveal cross-overs.

Unlock intelligence held in your existing data, within both historical and operational files, and perform cross-case analysis to detemine if a name, place, object, event etc. has appeared before.

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Apply Audit and Access Controls

Collaboration and security go hand in hand. Apply access controls to determine user roles and groups. Choose who can view and edit cases, depending on their security level.

Extensive audit logs can also be maintained to manage case collaboration. View a timeline of when any searches, web captures and activities are performed, by who and when.

Financial investigation - pattern finder

Redact and Report

The CIS recognises entities such as keywords, phone numbers or names from captured digital evidence, which can be automatically or manually redacted.

Customised and courtroom-ready reports can then be generated from all the data and intelligence that you have stored against a case. This includes association charts, web captures, social media profiles, videos, maps and more.


Index, search and compare historical and operational case data to discover unknown intelligence


All data is encrypted. Apply access controls and maintain an audit log to reduce risk


Access from any device, via any browser, to securely collaborate and share data internally and externally

Chorus provides an easy to use, at-a-glance, system for examining data which otherwise is nigh-on impossible to interpret. The simplicity sets it apart from other software I have used.

Law Enforcement Investigator

end-to-end investigation software

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The Chorus Intelligence Suite comprises of just one platform, one dashboard and requires just one login to conduct end-to-end investigations.

Intuitive tools can be used by all, no matter your role or ability, to get answers from your data and tackle the biggest crime types.

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