Intelligence Analysis And Structured Analytic Techniques

Improve your Intelligence Analysis skills in this interactive course which teaches the most useful Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) for contemporary Intelligence Analysis.

18 – 20th July 2023

3 day course

Learning outcomes

Starbursting icon


Generate ideas using Structured Brainstorming and Starbursting

Creative thinking icon

Creative thinking

Learn new creative thinking techniques

Mapping icon


Use Argument Mapping to produce and defend quality hypotheses

Hypotheses icon


Evaluate multiple hypotheses using variants of Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)

Pattern analysis icon

Pattern analysis

Conduct Link and Pattern Analysis to develop situational understanding

Cognitive biases icon

Cognitive biases

Understand System 1 and System 2 thinking and identify cognitive biases

Futures Wheel icon

Futures Wheel

Utilise the Futures Wheel technique to model alternative futures of events and actions

Red team analysis icon

Red team analysis

Better understand your adversary using Red Team Analysis