Effective Analysis of Communications Data

This course helps participants to understand and interpret communications data and to conduct analysis in an operational context to provide insights that aid effective decision making.

5 day course

Learning Outcomes

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Define the role of the analyst within an operational setting

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Aid investigation teams by utilising operational datasets to create analytical processes and products

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Perform key assumption checks to enhance communication data analysis

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Interpret different types of communications data and effectively integrate them with other digital data, information, and evidence

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Know the processes and legislation that govern the acquisition and use of communications data

Evidential use icon

Evidential use

Define the role of the analyst in the courtroom, particularly in relation to the evidential use of communications data

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Conduct pattern of life analysis using a range of datasets

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New developments

Recognise current and new developments within the communications sector and identify the potential threats and opportunities that these developments pose to the investigative process