Operational Chorus Analyse

For Intelligence Analysts, Researchers & Investigators

This course provides comprehensive training on Chorus Analyse. Participants become expert users through working on an investigation with multiple data and intelligence feeds.

17 – 18th July and 10 – 11th August 2023

2 day course

Learning Outcomes

Loading data icon

Loading data

Load data and manage exceptions

Pattern Finder icon

Pattern Finder

Use Pattern Finder, Association Chart, Top Ten Entities and other advanced analysis features of Analyse.

Mapping icon


Map out social networks using Analyse

Location analysis icon

Location analysis

Conduct complex location analysis on multiple subjects of interest

Share & collaborate icon

Share & collaborate

Merge sessions and utilise Analyse to find links across multiple investigations

Data Dashboards icon

Data Dashboards

Create your own data dashboards to expedite and professionalise your analysis in Excel.

Cleanse & format data icon

Cleanse & format data

Sanitise and share Analyse products