Bedfordshire Police partners with Chorus Intelligence to support with complex digital investigations

Chorus Intelligence Ltd, ‘Chorus’, announced today that it has been selected by Bedfordshire Police to help manage its digital investigations and Radio Frequency (RF) survey data.

The contract will see Chorus Analyse, the industry’s leading data cleansing and analysis tool, implemented to support Analysts and data experts with the streamlined ingestion, formatting, and interrogation of data. Bedfordshire Police will also join a growing list of police forces using Chorus Analyse to cleanse and standardise RF survey data for precise location-based evidence.

Chorus is growing its footprint throughout RF departments following the announcement of its global partnership with First Forensic Solutions. Chorus combines its digital intelligence suite with First Forensics’ 5G enabled FC-X digital forensic tools, creating a powerhouse of investigative services for law enforcement.

“We are excited to be partnering with Chorus to expand our investigative capabilities,” said Darren Murphy, Detective Sergeant, Digital Investigations Team at Bedfordshire Police.

“RF surveys generate vast amounts of data, so it is extremely important for us to automate the ingestion and analysis of this data. Chorus offers the best solution for the job with the additional functionality of being able to map and overlay other data sets, such as call data records, handset downloads and ANPR data, to easily spot connections in the most complex investigations.”

“We are delighted to have such an innovative and forward-thinking organisation on board and look forward to supporting Bedfordshire Police in the development of its investigations”, said Neil Chivers, CEO of Chorus Intelligence. “With the tide of data at an all-time high, it is essential to equip teams with cutting-edge tools needed to form connections across data sources. The adoption of automated techniques is now a necessity to achieving this and integral to solving investigations efficiently.”


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