North Wales Police rolls out cutting-edge digital intelligence platform from Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence Ltd, ‘Chorus’, announced today that it has been selected by North Wales Police to implement the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), an industry-first, end-to-end, digital intelligence and investigations solution.

The CIS features intuitive data cleansing, analysis, search and entity enrichment tools that will empower analysts, investigators and digital data experts across the force to manage every stage of a digital investigation.

North Wales Police has been a dedicated user of Chorus Analyse and Investigate since 2017 and has latterly played an integral role in the development of the CIS through detailed user feedback.

Undergoing an extensive trial, the capabilities of the CIS has been built in line with customer requirements, making it the most feature-rich and relevant digital intelligence and investigation solution for the law enforcement industry today.

Key benefits of the CIS include:

  • Data-driven decision making – Automatically triage, visualise and enrich data in several ways to spot connections, promoting evidence-based decision making.
  • Seamless data sharing and collaboration – Collaborate on cases and share intelligence internally and externally, at the click of a button.
  • Efficiency through empowerment – Self-serve tools can be used by multiple roles to get answers from data.
  • Intelligence-led resource optimisation – leverage actionable intelligence to determine the who, what, when and where of a crime and allocate resources effectively.

Owen Preece, Head of Crime and Intelligence Analysis, at North Wales Police, said:

“Chorus Intelligence has provided a strong service to the force and we are pleased to be continuing to work with them with the CIS. This new platform is designed to help intelligence units with the detection and prevention of crime and will enable us to effectively and efficiently support the delivery of the best possible service to the communities of North Wales”.

Neil Chivers, CEO of Chorus Intelligence said:

“We are excited to have North Wales Police extend their use of Chorus with the adoption of the CIS and thank them for the support they have provided to this point. The force has taken an innovative approach to their digital investigations and the CIS provides the level of sophistication that is now needed to outsmart criminals and improve crime resolution rates in an ever-increasing technologically advanced world.”

To find out more about Chorus Intelligence and the capabilities within the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) visit: or request a demo via the button below.

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