Merseyside Police expands digital investigation capabilities with Chorus

Multiple roles to be empowered with self-serve tools to turn data into intelligence and evidence

We are delighted to announce that Merseyside Police has expanded its use of the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS).  The CIS equips Analyst’s, Investigators and front-line officers with the tools and capabilities to prevent, respond to, manage and analyse the biggest crime types and threats to community safety.

The new contract will see Merseyside Police increase its use of Chorus with the adoption of both OSINT and data analysis tools, to be used across complex investigations including county lines and serious and organised crime. These include:

  • Chorus Search – an intelligence tool that connects to any internal or online intelligence source to query data and uncover links between people, objects, locations, and events.
  • Chorus Investigate – A self-serve, intuitive application for front-line officers and investigators to quickly ingest, cleanse and analyse digital data to answer key questions
  • Chorus Cross-Case – Search and compare operational and historical cases instantly to reveal commonalities and key links

What’s more, Merseyside Police will be migrating to a PASF private cloud environment, provided by Chorus. This will offer users an agile working approach and the opportunity to log on and conduct their investigations anytime, anywhere.

By expanding its use of Chorus, Merseyside will be able to increase the rate at which it tackles investigations, such as county lines drug dealing, in the smartest and most efficient way. For the first time, front-line officers will be empowered with the tools to conduct high level data search and analysis, enabling them to make connections and answer key questions.

“We are delighted to be strengthening our partnership with Merseyside Police”, said Boyd Mulvey, CEO of Chorus Intelligence. “With almost every investigation now requiring digital evidence to secure a conviction, it is essential that multiple roles and departments within the Police are armed with the tools they need to fully exploit all of the data central to each investigation. Merseyside Police are leading from the front with data-driven policing, and we look forward to supporting them in continually achieving this through the capabilities of the CIS.”

To find out more about Chorus Intelligence and the products within the CIS visit:


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