Chorus and First Forensics announce strategic partnership

We are delighted to announce that Chorus has entered into a global strategic partnership with First Forensic Solutions Ltd. Chorus will combine its advanced digital intelligence and crime analysis suite with First Forensics’ industry leading digital forensic tools, creating a powerhouse of investigative services for law enforcement.

As the tide of data continues to grow and spread across multiple places, accessing, interrogating and sharing it has become difficult, and made digital investigations increasingly complex. The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) works to solve this issue, combining and connecting all of your data, in one place, to get a 360-degree view of your investigation. The Chorus-First Forensics partnership will build on this further, by ensuring critical Radio Frequency (RF) survey data is ingested into Chorus Analyse, to deliver location-based evidence.

RF surveys are used in the most complex investigations, often generating vast amounts of data. First Forensics’ 5G enabled FC-X simplifies the process of capturing all this evidence. Chorus Analyse, a specialist analytical tool, then seamlessly loads the data generated by FC-X. The data is cleansed and standardised automatically, which can then be mapped and overlaid with other data sets, such as call data records, to spot connections.

Boyd Mulvey, CEO of Chorus Intelligence said, “First Forensics has grown to become one of the most trusted experts in the digital forensic industry and we are delighted to be working with them to offer unparalleled capabilities for our users. RF survey data can play a crucial role in the development of an investigation and provide key evidence in securing a conviction. We’re excited that Chorus can now support this data type and that we can continue to provide a service of excellence to our customers.”

Heather Grills, Managing Director of First Forensics, added, “Joining forces with Chorus is going to allow us to deliver absolute confidence in location-evidence data to law enforcement. We are very like-minded companies who work hard to make complex processes simple for our customers. Chorus’ understanding of how to interpret data, their business practices and the ethos and skill of their team is uniquely complimentary to our business. I believe this partnership will allow us to deliver an exceptional service for our customers.”

First Forensics will provide Chorus with proprietary access to its tools and technologies, both companies will work together to make their integration effortless. For more information visit:


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