Merseyside Police equip County Lines Team with cutting-edge Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS)

Merseyside Police equip County Lines Team with cutting-edge Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS)

WOODBRIDGE, UK, 24th October, 2023 – Chorus Intelligence Ltd, ‘Chorus’, announced today that it has extended its partnership with Merseyside Police with the addition of the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), an industry-first, end-to-end, digital intelligence, and investigations platform.

The CIS features intuitive data cleansing, analysis, search, and entity enrichment tools that will empower ‘Operation Toxic’, Merseyside’s proactive County Lines team, in tackling drug dealing and child criminal exploitation, across the country.

Key capabilities of the CIS that will be leveraged by the Operation Toxic team include:

  • Advanced cross-case analysis on live cases, historical cases, and any internal data (paper-based and digital) uploaded to the CIS, to identify if an entity has appeared before.
  • Evidence-based decision making – Overlay multiple data types (analytical, OSINT and internal) in one interactive dashboard to easily spot connections.
  • Internal case collaboration and sharing – to ensure transparency and avoid duplication of work.
  • Optimised OSINT – Connect to 200+ social media platforms*, to be queried in one bulk search, returning evidence, fast.

*Powered by ShadowDragon.

“County lines crimes are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and it is imperative that we equip our teams with the tools capable of accelerating investigations”, said Gary Stratton, Detective Inspector at Merseyside Police. “County lines often span multiple cities and involve repeat offenders. The CIS has a unique cross-case analysis capability that will enable us to proactively identify and target key people of interest. We anticipate this will support us tremendously in unearthing essential evidence that would otherwise have been unknown.”

Neil Chivers, CEO of Chorus Intelligence, added, “I am delighted to be extending our partnership with Merseyside Police as it takes an innovative step-forward in tackling county lines. The amount of data that must be considered, and stones that must be unturned, as part of an investigation is overwhelming, and the CIS has been developed with this in mind. We are excited to see the benefits the new technology will provide to the team.”

Merseyside Police is also an existing user of Chorus Analyse and will continue to use this across its analytical departments.

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