Chorus Intelligence adds powerful ShadowDragon OSINT capability to its Digital Intelligence Platform.

Chorus Intelligence adds powerful ShadowDragon OSINT capability to its digital intelligence platform.

Digital intelligence firm, Chorus Intelligence, taps into the leading-edge OSINT and social media search capabilities of ShadowDragon for investigations.

Chorus Intelligence has further increased its digital intelligence platform by embedding SocialNet from ShadowDragon within it. This combined capability provides law enforcement and other investigative organisations with superior access to open-source intelligence directly within the Chorus user interface. The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) is well known for providing secure access and digital capabilities in a logical investigative framework, making it the leading digital investigation software for UK law enforcement agencies.

With a recent expansion into North America, Chorus has partnered with ShadowDragon, a company that has revolutionised modern investigations by providing seamless, far-reaching access to open-source data, including social media, financial apps, chat rooms, and dark web message boards. These services enable law enforcement agencies to move toward unbiased and equitable solutions to address crime and keep communities safe.

The convergence of these powerful Chorus and ShadowDragon capabilities already empowers analysts and investigators to save time, enrich evidence, increase collaboration, and open up previously unknown lines of inquiry.

The unique Chorus Intelligence Suite enables users to:

  • Organise, share, and collaborate their digital investigations with a single data and case store.
  • Perform federated open-source (OSINT) searches via SocialNet from ShadowDragon.
  • Search across wider consented data providers, unstructured, internal data sets, and legacy lines of business systems that unlock hidden intelligence to aid investigations and build out subject profiles.
  • Cleanse, combine, and connect analytical data from mobile phones, handset downloads, ANPR cameras, and many other sources.
  • On-board to the service rapidly and securely through the AWS Government Cloud.

Chorus Intelligence serves clients from offices in England and the United States. ShadowDragon is based in the United States and maintains intelligence partnerships around the globe.

About Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence provides digital investigation software to law enforcement, counter-terrorist units, and others. The company enables customers to turn digital data into actionable intelligence and trial evidence, tackling issues such as serious and organised crime, violent crime, county lines, modern slavery, financial crime, and many more. Chorus Intelligence customers include law enforcement, national security and financial institutions.

About ShadowDragon

ShadowDragon provides comprehensive cyber investigative resources and training for private companies, intelligence gathering professionals, law enforcement, and governments. The US-based company delivers open-sourced intelligence (OSINT) derived from the internet, social media platforms, chat rooms, forums, and other public sources. In addition, the company monitors malware history, data breach dumps, the dark web, and other areas for active cyber threats. These data collection and analytic tools help defend against malicious acts in the digital and physical world.


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