Lancashire Constabulary selects Chorus Intelligence for digital investigations  

Chorus Intelligence Ltd, announced today that Lancashire Constabulary has selected the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) to manage its digital investigations. The CIS is an advanced digital intelligence and crime analysis solution and was selected as the solution of choice following an extensive trial and vendor comparison project.

Lancashire Constabulary joins the Chorus community along with all other police forces in the North-West region. Analysts, Digital Media Investigators, Radio Frequency survey specialists, the Comms Data Intelligence Unit (CDIU) and Force Major Investigation Team (FMIT), are just a few of the departments that will leverage the capabilities of Chorus to prevent, respond to and manage major criminal investigations.

Key capabilities of the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) include:

  • Cleanse, combine and connect analytical data – self-serve, intuitive tools to ingest, cleanse and analyse digital data.
  • Visualise, enrich and expand – overlay data sets and produce maps, timelines, charts and reports to identify connections.
  • Customised reporting – Query the most frequently-asked investigative questions and generate evidential reports.

“We’re excited to be implementing Chorus across a range of departments, to manage our investigations in a joined-up way” said a Lancashire Constabulary spokesperson. “Investigations today are increasingly complex and involve a wide variety of digital data sources, which is why we need a proven solution that will fully support us in tackling cases in the most effective way.”

“We are delighted to have Lancashire Constabulary on board and welcome them as the final North-West force to join the Chorus community,” said Boyd Mulvey, CEO of Chorus Intelligence. “Lancashire conducted a thorough vendor comparison process to select the best solution that would fulfil their requirements. Chorus was selected based on its breadth of feature-rich data cleansing, analysis and reporting capabilities, all of which will support analysts and investigators in fully exploiting their data to answer key investigative questions.”

To find out more about Chorus Intelligence and the capabilities within the CIS visit:

About Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence is a trusted supplier of data search, cleansing and analysis software for law enforcement, government agencies and financial institutions across the globe. Made up of modular applications, the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) equips anyone involved in digital investigations with the tools to confidently collect, develop and disseminate data. Founded in 2011, Chorus is used by most agencies in the UK and many North American agencies. Be empowered at every stage of an investigation to confidently turn data into intelligence and evidence.

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