Data Cleansing for Law Enforcement

Maintain and enhance the integrity of data

Chorus Analyse is the industry-leading data cleansing and analysis software used by UK law enforcement.

At Chorus, we know that data cleansing is a lengthy process when done manually, so we automated it! Case studies have proven that we can save an Analyst up to 97% of their time in the data cleansing and formatting stage, allowing them to concentrate on analysis.

What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing involves removing the noise and irrelevant information from a data set in order to see what really matters. It also will align the data into a common format so it can be compared and viewed in an easier and more consistent way.

Communications data

Chorus Analyse and Investigate can cleanse all types of communications data in a matter of seconds.

Custom cleansing rules

Chorus has developed customised cleansing rules alongside law enforcement for call data records (CDR) from each of the UK network providers. We also have an in-house team of ex-police Analysts, Investigators and forensic specialists that work with development to constantly evolve our rules with changing data types.

Full audit trail

We believe in complete transparency and enabling our users to understand how our software works. Analysts and Investigators can see what has happened to every single row of data in Chorus to give them the confidence that the output can be used in a courtroom setting.

Other data types

Chorus can cleanse and format a number of different data types including but not limited to: Covert data; WiFi data; ANPR; Travel data; Crime data; Financial data; and Handset downloads.

International data

Have you got a new data type or CDRs from countries other than the UK? Our development team are happy to work with you to create new cleansing rules and templates that will allow you to simply drag and drop your data into Chorus.

Drag and drop

With Chorus Analyse, it couldn’t be easier to cleanse your digital data by using our drag and drop functionality.


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