Chorus launches game-changing digital intelligence and investigation suite to tackle soaring data challenges

A new interoperable Intelligence Suite empowering anyone to simply and confidently turn data into intelligence and evidence and realise the full potential of their data.

Chorus Intelligence, the industry-leading data cleansing and analysis software provider, today announced the launch of its new Intelligence Suite, a fully integrated solution for organisations to conduct every aspect of a digital investigation as efficiently as possible.

Made up of modular applications, the self-service suite empowers anyone involved in an investigation to search for data, located anywhere, and securely capture and interrogate it. Advanced analysis of that data can then be used to uncover connections and generate investigative leads to be shared as intelligence and evidence.

The Intelligence Suite allows organisations to leverage their existing software and database capabilities, reducing costs significantly, while delivering state of the art functionality.

As well as existing products Chorus AnalyseInvestigate, and Detect, the Intelligence suite includes:

  • Chorus Hub – House, search and share all data from one fully secure and encrypted collaborative workspace.
  • Chorus Capture – An internet intelligence and investigation tool to capture any digital evidence, anywhere online.
  • Chorus Ivy – Connect to any available data source to query and interrogate data and display connections and investigative leads.
  • Chorus Financial – Cleanse, enhance and analyse financial data to detect fraud and money laundering.
  • Chorus Secure Transfer – An easy and secure way to upload and share large digital files.
  • Mobile Intelligence – A mobile application providing real-time access to location-based information for front line officers, to improve situational awareness and decision making.

The Chorus Intelligence Suite has been designed to specifically address the challenges of rising data volumes and the associated increase in digital evidence. More than ever, organisations require advanced technology to tackle their data challenges to detect crime and solve investigations, quickly, simply, and efficiently.

CEO and Founder of Chorus, Boyd Mulvey, referred to the Intelligence Suite as an industry game-changer. “We have pioneered a 21st century service for victims of crime that increases detection and enforcement rates and reduces the reputational risk of unsolved crime. No other solution on the market today offers the breadth of functionality and key capabilities that organisations now require, to effectively manage and solve digital investigations at an affordable price point.

Chorus is committed to offering ‘best-in-breed’ products to assist its clients in securing convictions. It is a privilege that we can support multiple organisations and industries with the tools to drive investigations that make a genuine difference to the public that they protect.”

For more information on the Intelligence Suite and the industries that Chorus serves, please visit


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