Vodafone SMS – False IMEI / IMSI when using Wi-Fi

We have been made aware that since 10/02/2021 within Vodafone CDRs, specifically type SMS, that Vodafone are using false IMEIs and IMSIs when there is an SMS sent over Wi-Fi.

When an SMS is sent or received and either the sender and/or the recipient is on Wi-Fi, there may be a false IMSI and/or false IMEI created.

These are occurring in place of the actual IMEI or IMSI as the network does not need to see or keep them for the SMS to be sent or received.

For example, if an SMS is received when at home on Wi-Fi, the false IMEI/IMSI will potentially show on the Call Data Records. If an SMS is received when not at home on Wi-Fi then the true IMEI/IMSI will be shown on the Call Data Records. The two false numbers will show in your data as:-
  • IMEI 350000003535350
  • IMSI 234159999999999

If you have any queries regarding this or require assistance with any aspect of Chorus then please contact our support team.

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