Removal of support for .ci5 session format

In March 2021 we made you aware that we wouldn’t be supporting .ci5 session formats from Chorus Analyse and Investigate version 5.8 onwards. The reasons for this we will explain below but with 5.8 due out in the next couple of weeks, we wanted to make sure that you are fully prepared for the removal of this session format and what it may mean for you.

In Chorus 5.6 (July 2020) we changed the file format sessions were saved as to be .cis instead of .ci5. As the Chorus Suite has grown, this allows greater interoperability with our other products such as Cross Case but also with i2.  By also changing to this file type, we have seen an increase in performance.  Since 5.6 we have allowed old .ci5 file types to continue to be loaded.

The latest release of Chorus is version 5.7 and this still supports both .ci5 and .cis file types but from Chorus 5.8, which will be due out later this year, we will no longer be supporting the old .ci5 file types and only sessions in .cis format will be loaded.

Therefore, any sessions that were saved pre 5.6 as a .ci5 file type will no longer open in v5.8 onwards and the data would need to be re-loaded and re-saved in a new session. 

You can convert existing .ci5 session files to .cis files in preparation for the change by opening them in Analyse now (5.7 / 5.7.1 / 5.7.2), and re-saving the session which will create a .cis version.

If you have any questions or concerns about the removal of support for .ci5 sessions, then please contact your Customer Support Manager or the Chorus Support Desk

[email protected]
020 3597 7350


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