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Search any data, anywhere, for a full intelligence picture

Connect to any available intelligence source to automatically query data and uncover links between people, objects, locations, and events.

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Find data, explore connections, make better decisions

Modern investigations require access to many different systems to search for crucial intelligence. It is time consuming and linking the data is difficult.

Chorus Search is an intelligence tool that connects to any internal or online intelligence source to help you find answers. Enhance your analytical picture by adding data related to your entities from a wide array of sources.

One licence allows you to use Chorus Search in 3 ways. Visualise and enrich the information in Chorus Analyse or IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, or use as a standalone intelligence tool.

Link to the most widely used providers of intelligence such as IBM i2 iBase and Pipl, and consented data such as Orbis and GBG Connexus.

How it works

Your own Google

Choose where and what to search.

  • Consented data
  • Social media
  • Internal data
  • Company information
  • Intelligence databases

Explore connections

Easily see who is connected to who and what and how.

Share results

Save as a PDF and create a report.

Export to Excel or one of our partner APIs such as i2 ANB or Clue.

Evidence has now gone digital. We must get a grip on the vast tide of criminal data and find a way to use it to our advantage. Having one tool that helps us analyse this digital evidence and find answers makes a huge difference.

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Customisable connectors to suit your needs  icon

Customisable connectors to suit your needs

Link to and pull information from any data source where access is permitted

Enrich data with interoperable tools  icon

Enrich data with interoperable tools

Use Chorus Search to feed intelligence into analytical tools such as Chorus Analyse or i2 ANB for further interrogation

The smarter way to solve investigations  icon

The smarter way to solve investigations

Chorus Search expands your data sets and visualises connections to reveal patterns and answer key questions, quickly

Leverage existing investments  icon

Leverage existing investments

Chorus Search can use existing licences in place with intelligence providers

Fast time to insight  icon

Fast time to insight

Link directly to different data sources and merge the information in one master data model for easy interpretation

Never miss a connection  icon

Never miss a connection

Chorus Search allows for automated visual alerts to inform users that more intelligence is available on entities

Designed + built To Integrate

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Enhance Search with the Intelligence Suite

Our Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organisations solve their investigative challenges.

Request a demo. Be empowered.

Seeing is believing. Request a demo to see our Intelligence Suite in action and how it can help solve your data challenges.