Chorus and i2

A partnership delivering advanced analysis for digital intelligence and investigations

The UK's leading data cleansing and visual analysis tools seamlessly integrate to help you spot patterns in data and make informed decisions. Chorus and i2. Partners against crime.

From data cleansing to visualisation

Whether you need your data cleansed and formatted, or to conduct advanced analysis, we’ve got you covered with Chorus and i2.

See below for how Chorus can be used alongside i2 Analyst’s Notebook to help you turn your data into intelligence and evidence.


How Chorus and i2 work together

Export cleansed communications data from Chorus Analyse into i2 Analyst's Notebook

Conduct a variety of tasks in Chorus Analyse:

  • Data cleansing
  • Cell site analysis
  • Mapping
  • Create admissible charts and reports

Then using an automated plug-in, export that data into i2 with a few clicks of your mouse for further analysis using timelines and association charts.

Enrich the data in i2 using Chorus Search

Connect to the most widely used intelligence sources and enrich the data that you are already interrogating in i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Search for and add data from:

  • Consented data
  • Social media
  • News feeds
  • Company information
  • Threat intelligence

After a simple ‘right click’ to source the data, add to your charts and reports for a full visualisation of how your entities are connected.

Start realising the full potential of your data now.

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