Supercharged data analysis for threat detection and rapid response

A digital intelligence suite. Realise the full potential of your data to better safeguard the nation.

Intelligence Software

The smarter way to gather intelligence

The threats and challenges facing intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies have become increasingly complex, as adversaries become better enabled by technology and data. Whether you are countering extremism, terrorism, serious and organised crime, or state-led threats, Chorus can give you the edge:

  • Advanced analytical tools empower you to securely search, combine and analyse any data sets to reveal patterns and connections that would not have been previously possible.
  • Transform your analytical effectiveness and answer key investigative questions, fast. 
  • Chorus delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) and has no access, and does not own, any of your sensitive data.

Data Collection

Search and capture any data, from any data source. Seamlessly connect to public information and create bespoke connectors for any intelligence source required

Data Development

Simply and confidently turn data into intelligence. Visualise and enrich data in a single place, to get a complete view of people, objects, locations, or events

Data Dissemination

Store all data in a secure and encrypted collaborative workspace. Share intelligence with colleagues and partner organisations at the click of a button


Supercharged data analysis at your fingertips

Search and connect to any internal or external data source to combine and analyse information on a subject of interest or target.

Use a non-attributable network, from any device, to conduct simultaneous searches and feed open source intelligence to a central point where it can be interrogated.

Consolidate, visualise and enrich the data in IBM i2® or Chorus to develop intelligence and answer key questions.



Answer key investigative questions, fast

Query any of the 50 most frequently-asked investigative questions to develop your intelligence picture. For example, generate a report on a target’s top 10 interactions or identify potential meetings between individuals.

Set parametres and filters to customise searches and visualise data to get instant answers.

Overlay your analysis onto satellite, aerial imagery and street view to home in on your subjects of interest.

Transform your analytical effectiveness and efficiency

Chorus provides intuitive interfaces and functionality meaning anyone working on your investigation can use it.

The advanced data cleansing software minimises the scope for human error, transforms efficiency, and delivers high assurance analytical results, to evidential standards if required.

Fully auditable

All searches are logged, immutable and a robust audit trail maintained to demonstate intelligence discovery paths and to facilitate encrypted sharing with partners.


Collaborative, secure sharing

Use a browser-based, central hub, to securely collaborate and share all data relating to an investigation. It can be accessed at any time, from any device, anywhere.


High assurance results  icon

High assurance results

Industry-leading data cleansing software rapidly automates the processing of very large volumes of raw digital data, saving 97% of time in the data formatting stage

 Intuitive interfaces and functionality for ease of use icon

Intuitive interfaces and functionality for ease of use

Simplicity of systems empowers anyone involved in an investigation to quickly get answers from data

We don't own your data  icon

We don't own your data

Chorus delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) and has no access, and does not own, your sensitive data

Expert training delivered  icon

Expert training delivered

We offer a range of accredited intelligence analysis training courses to help you understand and analyse the different types of data that can be used as intelligence

Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Chorus Suite is a modular solution designed for the intelligence industry and government agencies to conduct every aspect of a digital investigation as efficiently as possible.

Connect to and search any open source information and public information database, or create bespoke connectors to search any internal/external intelligence source desired.

Advanced analysis and visualisation tools allow you to exploit your data to its full potential, generating intelligence that can be securely disseminated with colleagues and partner organisations.

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