Vodafone MS Originating and Call Forwarding Issue

In Chorus Analyse and Investigate 5.7.1 we created a new rule within the Vodafone template that combined events that contained ‘MS Originating’ and ‘Call Forwarding’.

In this specific scenario we were combining these rows when all data on the ‘MS Originating’ event row related to the Target number and assigning device and location information to the Target.

We have been made aware that when the data contains ‘MS Originating’ / ‘Call Forwarding’ event scenario but all data is related to the Non-Target (‘collateral’) number we are not handling this situation correctly.  In this situation the device and location information is related to the Non-Target number but we are applying the device and location information to the Target number.

This will show that your Target has used multiple IMEIs and IMSIs when viewing the Activity Matrix or the Device Reports.

This issue will be resolved in the next release of Chorus Analyse and Investigate where the Device and Location information will be applied to the Non-Target number in this scenario.

For any assistance on this issue or if you would like to discuss this further then please contact our support team.

020 3597 7350
[email protected]


The Chorus Team


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