Chorus and DS-Justice announce new audio data analysis partnership

Law enforcement are now able to search and analyse voice files from interviews, control rooms, and body worn video in digital investigations thanks to new partnership.

Chorus Intelligence, the digital intelligence and investigation software provider, and DS-Justice, the voice forensic analytics company, have announced a new partnership to deliver advanced audio analysis capabilities to the law enforcement industry.

Police forces have very large quantities of voice data from a variety of sources much of which is not analysed or used for investigations. DS-Voice from DS-Justice automatically analyses and transcribes audio files using Artificial Intelligence for key word and phrase matching to extract insights that can be used in investigations and to aid decision making.

The partnership between Chorus and DS-Justice has created a streamlined way for those conducting investigations to locate and analyse information in audio files alongside other data.

Using an application programming interface (API), Chorus’ data collection and visualisation tool, Chorus Search, can access data from DS-Voice, with users then being able to easily analyse and see connections across disparate data sources.

For example, if investigating an organised crime gang, you might want to search all your available data for a location. As well as bringing back results from devices, social media, and consented data sources, Chorus Search would also display the areas of a transcript from an interview or 999 call which contained that location.

The partnership is another step forward from Chorus to join up the systems and services that are used across digital intelligence and investigations. After successfully integrating their Intelligence Suite with consented data providers and the advanced analysis tool, i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Adam Etches, Technical Director at Chorus, stated, “we are excited to be able to bring such an important and unique dataset into our Intelligence Suite. It is another form of data that holds vital intelligence that could help progress a case, answer a question, or be used as evidence. Giving the police quick and easy access to audio data can save them valuable time and resources and we are pleased to be able to do this with DS-Justice.”

Bradley Geppert, CEO of DS-Justice said, “Allying DS Voice Analytics to Chorus means that together we offer a single point of action for the management and forensic analysis of all voice recordings. This is a service that enables digital policing and makes best use of audio assets.”

Chorus Search and the DS-Voice connector is available to use now for UK police forces and public safety agencies. For more information on turning audio data into intelligence and evidence please contact Chorus at [email protected] or DS-Justice at [email protected].

About Chorus

Chorus is a trusted supplier of digital intelligence and investigation software to law enforcement, public safety organisations, and financial institutions across the globe. Our software, developed by ex-law enforcement experts, empowers teams to interpret data and maximise opportunities to solve crime, protect the public, and minimise risk.


About DS-Justice

DS Justice is a subsidiary of DS Compliance, a cyber security group founded in March 2019 by an experienced, senior team of IT, Consulting and Security specialists. DS Justice is the exclusive distributor of DS-Voice for Police and Blue Light Services. DS- Voice Analytics has been developed for audio analysis, discovery and transcription using powerful AI software and is now at UAT stage with several police forces and legal firms.



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