Vodafone GPRS ECI Matching Issue

We have become aware of an issue around how Chorus Analyse and Investigate are matching the location and event records for Vodafone MDE/GPRS Data.

This issue is specific to Vodafone MDE/GPRS data when the event is taking place over 4G, and the Cell ID contained within the event is in the ‘country-network-eci’ format (e.g GBR-VF-xxxxxx), rather than the more common ‘country-network-lac-cellid’ format (e.g. GBR-VF-xxxx-xxxxx).

For this specific scenario when Chorus does the matching between the events and location records, we are checking that the ECI from the location records contains the ECI from the events records, rather than seeing if they are equal. By doing the match in this way, Chorus may pick the wrong location to match to.

For example:
GBR-VF-123456 would be matching to GBR-VF-5476-123456. However, it would also be matching to GBR-VF-789123456

We are resolving this issue in the next release of Chorus Analyse and Investigate to be an equals match. In the meantime, we recommend that you review the data contained within a Vodafone MDE/GPRS file to see if this scenario is present within your data and that Chorus is processing it correctly.

If you have any queries regarding this or require assistance with any aspect of Chorus then please contact our support team.

[email protected]
020 3597 7350


The Chorus Team


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