Three Data Locations – September 2021 Changes

On the 23rd of September 2021, we received advanced notice of changes Three were making to their “Data Locations” data – specifically, the removal of the LAC column and the addition of the MCC and MNC columns.

The changes were to become live on 27th September 2021. Based on the changes described, it was determined that no changes would be required to Chorus Analyse and Investigate and the data would load correctly.

Unfortunately, once the data was available, additional changes from Three were identified that meant this was not the case.

Specifically, a further change to the table headers was present. In addition, an error was present where the data contained in the locations table does not line up. For example, the postcode column contains the Easting.

We are seeking clarification on this and are aiming to support this new format in the next release of Chorus Analyse and Investigate.

​​​​For assistance or any questions with anything relating to Chorus then please contact our support team.

020 3597 7350
[email protected]


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