Three Data Locations – 15 Minute Periods

Earlier in June (07/06/19) we wrote to you about some new guidance for Three Data Locations.  You can read this blog post here >

We have now obtained guidance from Three which states:

  • Data Locations includes both 3G and 4G.  These files are provided from a database which only presents in 15 minutes sections.
  • Data Locations (4G only) provide 4G sessions and 3G data sessions, however the locations for these 3G records aren’t available and may display “N/A” against Cell ID (ECI) and Postcode columns.  These files are taken directly from IP Data records and so is not in 15 minutes sections.

Of note, Data Locations (4G only) was brought in as the data was being delivered intermittently (and in 15 minute sections only) in the Data Locations files.

In the next release of Chorus (due later on this summer) we will amend the rules to recognise whether the Data Locations file is in 15 minute sections or not and handle accordingly.

In the meantime, if users don’t want to use the “at or before” wording (which currently appears before the start time in the ‘time’ column on map labels) then we advise using the ‘date/time’ combined column instead.

If you have any queries then please contact us at [email protected] or call 020 3597 7350.


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