Safeguard funds for patient care

Protect public services from the constant and evolving threat of fraud using digital technology. Uncover fraud using data effectively and responsibly and minimise the opportunities for people to commit fraud.

Intelligence Software

Tackling Public Health Fraud

Made up of modular applications, the Chorus Suite equips anyone involved in finding and investigating fraud to see the full scale of the problem and equip them with the tools to tackle it. 

Bring in data from a number of different sources to understand the wider threat and protect funds destined for public care.

Drive complex, data-rich investigations and present intelligence and evidence in a coherent, chronological, evidentially robust format that is easy to understand.

Without Chorus, the work I undertook would have been much more difficult and protracted, adding considerable time delays to the investigation and stress to the victims.

Lead Analyst


Single version of the truth

Bring together data from multiple sources and generate a single version of the truth to improve data quality. Easily share that truth with partners to speed up investigations. 


Address fraud, risk and non-compliance

Organise key datasets in a way that generates insights that can be used to prevent non-compliant transactions and fraudulent activity before it happens. 

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Efficient working

Empower those fighting public health fraud with the tools to work smarter and get answers from data faster than ever before.

on premise

Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

Our Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organisations solve their investigative challenges.

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