New Disclosure Options in Chorus

Following recent feedback from the Chorus Community, one of the current issues for Analysts, Investigators and Disclosure Officers is the redaction of telephone numbers in prosecution material or for general service to courts and the defence.

This can be a time-consuming task.

One of the new features in version 5.8 is the ability to instantly redact telephone numbers from your timeline, mapping, entity pane and reports.

Simply navigate to the new ‘Disclosure Options’ button in either ‘Data Dashboard’ or ‘Reports’.
You now have the opportunity to click one of three options.

1. Redact all the telephone numbers

2. Redact all telephone numbers except those entities listed as Subjects.

3. Leave all numbers in their full readable format.

The redactions can also be made in the reporting suite.

You can swap between the changes or for complete clarity, serve two versions of the same schedule.

The redactions can also be exported to Excel or i2 ANB.

We hope this fantastic new feature will prove to be a real aid in your investigations.

​​​For support or any questions with anything relating to Chorus then please contact our support team.

020 3597 7350
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The Chorus Team




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