Did you know about free ESRI maps?

Did you know you can access ESRI maps for free in Chorus?

Chorus Analyse and Investigate both have the capability to switch to different map providers depending on your preference.

Due to our partner status with ESRI we are able to offer a selection of ESRI World Imagery and ESRI World Street Maps free to Chorus customers.

These maps do require an internet connection to access the server.

Cloud users – We can configure a secure connection through our firewall to only allow outbound traffic to the ArcGIS online map tiles. We will need a change request supported by your IT department.

On-premise users – Your IT department will have to connect to the ArcGIS mapping server for you. Please get them to speak to our support team so we can instruct them on how to do this.

Standalone users – Again, please ask your IT department to speak to our support team so we can assist with the connection.

Once set up, simply click the map source drop down and chose your preferred map.

So, if you would like ESRI maps enabled free for your organisation, please arrange for your IT department to contact us.

For support or any questions regarding Chorus and ESRI maps please contact our support team.

020 3597 7350

[email protected]


The Chorus Team



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