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Industry-leading data cleansing and analysis software

Cleanse, combine, and connect any digital data to spot connections, answer key questions and generate investigative leads

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Save 97% of your time

Optimize your time with immediate data cleansing and analysis

In today’s ever-increasing digital landscape, the volume of structured and unstructured data is vast, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to ingest, format and interrogate.

Chorus Analyze offers complete automation of data cleansing and formatting of digital data. It enables data experts to immediately spot patterns, draw connections and answer key questions, saving 97% of their time.

Conduct advanced cell site analysis by mapping and visualizing communications data in an intuitive dashboard. Overlay with other data including:
  • Communications data (call data records)
  • Handset downloads
  • RF survey
  • ALPR
  • Chat, instant messaging and more

Enrich your data with consented or publicly available information to strengthen your investigation.

Cleanse and format data

Drag and drop any form of digital data into Analyze and our custom cleansing rules will remove the noise and format it ready for in-depth analysis.

Enrich and visualize

Visualize data in several ways to spot connections and find answers, fast. Chorus Analyze integrates with IBM i2® Analyst’s Notebook to offer further data enrichment.

Instant reporting

Use over 50 reports to help answer key investigative questions and develop your intelligence picture


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Solve investigations smarter and faster

Cleanse all digital data and perform in-depth analysis and enrichment at the touch of a button

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Custom reporting

Strengthen an investigation with clear and concise illustrative reports that can be customized and generated instantly

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Maximize efficiency

Save 97% of data experts time through rapid automated processing of very large volumes of raw digital data

Spot connections to generate investigative leads  icon

Spot connections to generate investigative leads

Export your cleansed data from Chorus into i2 Analyst's Notebook for visualization and further analysis

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Fully Auditable

A robust audit trail provides insight into how Chorus Analyze has processed each row of data

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Improve resource allocation

Intuitive self-serve analysis empowers multiple disciplines to cut straight to the answers, reducing reliance on data experts

Chorus Analyze: In Action

Designed + built To Integrate

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Enhance Analyze with the Intelligence Suite

The Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organizations solve their investigative challenges.

Request a demo. Be empowered.

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