Alexandria Police Department, NH, Selects Chorus Intelligence Suite to Enhance Investigative Capabilities

Chorus Intelligence is delighted to announce that the Alexandria Police Department in New Hampshire has adopted the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), an end-to-end digital investigation platform. The adoption of the Chorus Intelligence Suite underscores the Alexandria Police Department’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance its investigative capabilities and uphold public safety.

The CIS houses a suite of investigative tools and is tailored to meet the unique needs of law enforcement agencies. The CIS integrates advanced analytical tools, data visualization capabilities, and collaboration features to streamline investigations and accelerate case advancements.

“We are excited to partner with Chorus Intelligence and implement their fantastic program to benefit all of our investigations” stated David Suckling, Chief at the Alexandria Police Department. “By implementing the Chorus Intelligence Suite, we are equipping our department with a powerful yet easy to use tool to enhance our investigative process. We are a small department and we use every advantage we can to combat crime in our community.”

The Chorus Intelligence Suite offers a range of features and functionalities designed to empower the attribution process for law enforcement agencies, including:

Advanced Data Analysis: The suite enables investigators to efficiently analyze vast amounts of digital data, including call records, financial transactions, and social media activity allowing for the identification of patterns, trends, and connections.

Visualization Tools: Through automatic mapping, investigators can transform complex data sets into actionable insights and compelling visuals, facilitating clearer understanding and decision-making.

Collaboration Capabilities: The suite fosters seamless collaboration among investigative teams, allowing officers to securely share information, insights, and case reports, promoting greater transparency, efficiency, and coordination.

“I am delighted that Alexandria Police Department have chosen our software to support their mission to protect and serve their community. They join an ever-increasing Chorus community, and I am proud to welcome them,” said Neil Chivers, CEO at Chorus Intelligence. “The Chorus Intelligence Suite is designed to empower law enforcement agencies with a one-stop shop that agencies can use to adapt in this ever-evolving digital landscape and combat crime effectively. Our team looks forward to partnering with the Alexandria Police Department to help them achieve their objectives and make a meaningful impact in the pursuit of justice.”


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