Brockville Police Service collaborates with Chorus Intelligence on a new way to ensure compliance

New technology will allow Brockville Police to ensure effective deployment and monitoring of new policies to assist with standards of conduct.

Chorus Intelligence, the digital intelligence and investigation software provider, today announced that Brockville Police Service will be using the Chorus Compliance solution to roll out new policies and procedures to all staff.

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Traditionally, the storage and dissemination of policy updates was a manual system that left Brockville Police unable to efficiently distribute policies to all staff and monitor the progress of their acceptance. With multiple policies in various stages at any one time, it was near impossible for Brockville to keep track of policy updates.

Policies are mandated across Canada and police services are audited on their level of compliance. Law enforcement officers must accept and abide by high ethical, moral, and professional standards relating to a variety of situations. The policies act as clear guidance regarding the standards of conduct that the agency and legislation expect of officers when on and off duty.

Chief Scott Fraser of Brockville Police Service was aware of the issue facing his organisation and wider law enforcement and proactively engaged the marketplace to find an answer. Out-of-the-box solutions​ did not meet his requirements and so Chorus was engaged to provide a customised and affordable software solution.

Collaborating with Chorus experts they decided to adapt the Chorus Secure Transfer software to meet Chief Fraser’s needs. Using an easy-to-use dashboard, the system allows users to:

  • Store all policies in a secure cloud
  • Permit keyword searching
  • Update and change policies and send to staff
  • Audit and acknowledge the receipt and acceptance of new policies
  • Run reports to view compliance levels across the service

Chorus Compliance

With this new capability installed, Chief Fraser hopes to ensure the high level of standards set by his Service are met.

On working with Chorus on this project, Chief Fraser said, “We were already using the excellent Chorus Analyze product in our crime analysis department and our experience of how Chorus dealt with us as clients led me to approach them to help me solve this specific problem. Chorus was happy to think outside the box and was responsive to my needs and came up with a solution that meets all the requirements I set. The Chorus team are experts in their field, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them on such an important aspect of Brockville’s vision to provide efficient and proactive community policing. I am extremely proud that Brockville Police Service leads the way in ensuring compliance, and it is something that I hope to see utilised at other police services in Ontario and Canada. The principles of the Police Services Act are something that we all need to adhere to, inspiring confidence from the communities we serve.”

Neil Chivers, Chief Sales Officer for Chorus Intelligence, commended Chief Fraser on his drive to improve standards at Brockville Police Service. “It has been fantastic to work so closely with Brockville Police Service and we are always delighted to be asked to help solve our client’s business problems. It is abundantly clear that Chief Fraser and his team takes pride in the service Brockville provides and recognises that times are changing, and that technology can bring many benefits. They have set the standard for what a compliance solution should look like, and we look forward to helping them develop it further for other services in Ontario and the wider Canadian law enforcement market.”

The Chorus Compliance solution is hosted in a secure cloud environment, is accessed via a web browser, and will be rolled out to all areas of Brockville Police in December 2020.

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About Chorus

We are a trusted supplier of data cleansing and analysis software for law enforcement, government agencies and financial institutions across the globe. Our software, developed by ex-law enforcement experts, empowers teams to interpret data and maximise opportunities to solve crime, protect the public, and minimise risk.

About Brockville Police Service

Welcome to the Brockville Police Service, Ontario’s oldest police service. Please take some time to visit our website and you are encouraged to follow us on Twitter @BPS_News and like us on Facebook.

The men and women of the Brockville Police Service take pride in their profession and they are here to assist you. We are committed to the safety of our citizens and the protection of their property. We provide 24/7 policing and emergency response. We work closely with a number of partner agencies in order to provide outstanding service such as assistance to victims and community safety. Our officers are highly trained and are ready for the next call.

Policing has changed over the years, as has the demographics and economics of our community. Times are changing and so must we. We are working closely with the Police Services Board, Council and our community to ensure we meet the challenges we face at various levels.

We are a community of just over 20,000 people and are situated along the St. Lawrence River in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  We directly border New York State and the majestic 1000 Islands.

Over 180 years of service, YOUR Brockville Police Service.



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