Managed Services

We offer an end-to-end fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) investigation solution, hosted in a UK PASF secure cloud environment.

managed services

An end-to-end, fully managed SaaS platform

Industry-leading software applications

The Chorus Suite is ideal for organisations looking to invest in an investigative solution, or that need to kick start a critical investigation.  Key capabilities include:

  • Leverage the benefits of a fully managed environment
  • Remove the overhead of managing complex systems
  • Upgrade processes and maintenance
  • Always have access to the latest software available


Optimise knowledge

Make use of industry-leading software applications and training to ensure knowledge is transferred and staff are upskilled during the process.

Why Chorus?

Industry Experts  icon

Industry Experts

Vast domain experience in law enforcement and intelligence

Security Clearance  icon

Security Clearance

All staff are security cleared and able to handle sensitive data

Complex data analysis  icon

Complex data analysis

Skilled Analysts and data experts that can make sense of complex data

Technical expertise  icon

Technical expertise

Technical experts and software developers that can create bespoke tools

Competitive pricing  icon

Competitive pricing

Affordable and transparent rates

Knowledge transfer icon

Knowledge transfer

Accredited training and essential knowledge shared

What we can do for you and your industry

Our suite has been developed in partnership with our customers. We continually evolve and enhance our products to solve their challenges.


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