Data Dissemination

Store and share all data relating to an investigation in one fully secure and encrypted workspace

Collaboration made easy

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Digital Evidence Management

Storing and sharing large investigation files and managing their access has traditionally been a time consuming and complicated challenge for many industries.

Chorus has eliminated this data headache, making the process of data exchange quicker, simpler, and safer:

  • Store, search, and share all data relating to an investigation in one fully secure and collaborative workspace
  • Apply access levels for users and maintain a full audit of user activity
  • Use intelligent redaction to manage confidential information
  • Generate configurable reports from stored intelligence

Collaboration made easy

Store, search, and share

Use a browser based tool to access all digital data relating to an investigation any time, from any device, anywhere.

All data that is captured or sourced across the Chorus Suite can be indexed, searched and a cross-case analysis performed.

Store a wide range of file types including CSVs, PDFs, HTMLs, and PPTs.

Configurable reporting

Easily generate reports from your stored intelligence. Configure them according to your evidential requirements and share with colleagues and partner agencies.

Fully audited

View a timeline of when any searches, captures, and other activities are performed in the Hub and by who with user ID and time stamps.

A full audit log is stored behind the scenes for any formal audit requests.

Audit timeline

Without Chorus, the work I undertook would have been much more difficult and protracted, adding considerable time delays to the investigation and stress to the victims.

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Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Chorus Suite is a modular solution designed to help organisations conduct every aspect of a digital investigation as efficiently as possible.

Connect to and search any available intelligence source for greater confidence.

Easily collect and develop your data into intelligence and evidence and securely disseminate, all from one place.

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