Coming up in Version 5.8 of Analyse and Investigate

Here are some of the new features that will be included in version 5.8 of Chorus Analyse and Investigate that is due out later this summer.

Redaction (Analyse / Investigate)

At Chorus we are always looking to reduce the manual work our customers are having to do.  In response to this, the ‘Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure 2020’ and Product Feedback forms we have received, we are introducing a Disclosure section to both Analyse and Investigate in v5.8.

At the click of a button you will be able to redact all your phone numbers or just those related to your non target/subject numbers.  We expect that this new feature will save our users a huge amount of time as well as adhere to UK government guidance.

Handle New Vodafone Scenarios (Analyse / Investigate)

We recently notified users of an issue with Vodafone call forward events, where the non-target device and location information was incorrectly being associated to the target number in Chorus. Following receipt of guidance from Vodafone, we have amended the Chorus rules to process this scenario correctly in v5.8.

If you encounter this scenario before v5.8 is released then you will need to load the file in Process Files and use the Override Options to ‘Ignore the rules and Delete’ the MS Originating row that relates to the non-target number.  This will remove the device and location information from the non-target number but keep the call forward event related to the target meaning the published events and frequencies will be accurate.

Investigate users should contact an Analyse user or Chorus Support Team.

Activity Matrix New Searches (Analyse ONLY)

The Activity Matrix is a way of building your own pivot style tables in Chorus Analyse. We have received significant feedback from users wanting to apply some of the Activity Matrix features to assist with County Lines Investigations.  We will be adding ‘Month’ and ‘Week Beginning’ options and also deriving the ‘Town’ information from the Postcode for you to assist with this type of work.

Pattern Analysis (Analyse ONLY)

Within the Reports section of Analyse there are 45 Reports, plus the Drug Line Valuation Macro.  We have received feedback suggesting that the tabular format of these reports is not always useful and our customers want to be able to interact with the data like they can in Data Dashboard.

We have now designed a Pattern Analysis tool in v5.8 that allows you to analyse and visualise some of these reports on a map or view the individual events that make up the data in that report, giving users more control and insight into their datasets.

​​​For support or any questions with anything relating to Chorus then please contact our support team.

020 3597 7350
[email protected]


The Chorus Team


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