Corporate Social Responsibility

Chorus takes corporate social responsibility very seriously and we are aware of the impact that the use of our software has on the liberty of individuals and ensuring public safety.

Two of our core values are data integrity and transparency. Data integrity is at the heart of everything we do to ensure we minimise risk wherever possible. We believe in full transparency and have a moral and professional duty to be transparent in the way we handle, process, and present data.

We also support the following good causes.

Inside Justice

Chorus has a collaboration with the charity Inside Justice as we look to support the court process and ensure the correct outcome for citizens where possible. We have provided Inside Justice with funding to help them collaborate and work effectively together. Below is some information about them and how you can help.

Inside Justice was launched in July 2010 to investigate alleged miscarriages of justice. They assist those in prison in England and Wales who are protesting their innocence by reinvestigating their cases. They can assess trial evidence, revisit witnesses, identify and commission new forensic work and trawl through unused material in order to find that elusive piece of evidence to get the case back to the Court of Appeal.

Inside Justice is a small charity with limited funding. They do the work they do because they believe everybody has the right to justice regardless of personal wealth.

Their work is only possible through charitable donations and the generous support of the public. They do the work they do because they believe everybody deserves justice. They care because a wrongful conviction destroys lives and trust. A wrongful conviction leaves dangerous people at large to create more victims. They have built an Advisory Panel of experts who give their time for free because they care.

Help them, help others in need.

Inga Foundation

Chorus are now supporting the Inga Foundation who have developed a revolutionary solution in the fight to save the world’s rainforests.

The Inga Foundation work with farmers and communities to halt the devastating practice of ‘slash and burn’ agriculture by providing a sustainable, organic and low cost alternative called Inga alley-cropping.  Inga Alley Cropping is capable of maintaining soil fertility and good harvests year after year, thereby breaking the cycle of slash and burn and allowing families to gain long term food security on one piece of land.

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