Standalone Deployment

Desktop and Laptop deployment for flexible and immediate set up and remote working.

In cases where access to Chorus is required immediately or in a portable form, we can provide you with the hardware such as a laptop or desktop PC to get you up and running.

laptop and desktop deployment

Benefits of standalone deployment

High Specification

The hardware that we provide for standalone deployments comes with a high specification that normally includes solid-state technology for greater speed and processing power and plenty of memory to help you interrogate large datasets.




Remote and Courtroom Use

Having Chorus on a laptop offers great flexibility to investigation teams. It can be used in dedicated investigation or green rooms and we have heard of Chorus being used in the courtroom to answer on-the-spot questions about a particular case.



Transferable Licences

If you need a licence to be transferred from person-to-person or even to a different department, then let us know and we can make the switch for you and keep track of the assets on your behalf.



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