Cloud Deployment

Secure, scalable and affordable access

Deploy the Chorus suite using our private cloud offering that delivers secure, scalable and affordable access. We have a number of cloud hosting partners that enable us to offer a range of secure hosting environments for our customers. Whether you are after a certain level of security or scalable access then Chorus can help.

Benefits of Cloud Deployment

Outsourced IT Management

Chorus will fully manage and maintain your cloud environment for you, handling security, deployment, and upgrades. This method is very low maintenance from the point of view of your internal IT team and leaves them free to continue with other projects.

Highly Scalable

The Chorus cloud allows you to scale up and down the number of users according to demand. At times of peak activity, we can provide greater access to our product suite to help you cope with demand and conduct investigations. Our cloud environment uses state of the art computing power and storage to give you excellent performance when processing data.

network on-premise


Security is paramount. Our data centre is PASF accredited and holds ISO27001 and 9001 accreditations. There is also  a manned control centre operating 24×7 adhering to BS5979 and BS8418. A combination of biometric scan, pin code and swipe card are required to gain access to the data centre halls, and the perimeter is secured with an anti-climb fence, infra-red sensors, and automated gates.

We also recognise that some organisations will want Chorus cloud services at ‘secret’ security classification level and above and we are working with one of the leading hosting providers in the area to offer this level of security if required.

Data Sharing

Sharing data and intelligence between designated users, departments, and even different organisations to help combat crime is ideally suited for Chorus cloud. Share insights and conduct cross-case analysis to spread your net further and work more effectively as a team.

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