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Chorus Investigator

Chorus Investigate is a self-service tool designed to help Investigators review the information available to them at a high level to help answer key questions and develop lines of enquiry, fast. We understand that time is critical in the early stages of an investigation, so Chorus Investigate is the latest addition to our industry leading data cleansing and analytics portfolio to help law enforcement in their fight against crime.

Chorus Investigate can be deployed on a laptop, PC, force network, or secure cloud, giving Investigators the flexibility to use the tool where and how they like.

More offenders in custody - Improved detections - Greater victim confidence

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Drag and drop your data into Chorus and take advantage of our custom cleansing rules to remove the noise.

Only see the data you want to. Filter by date and time, suspects, phone numbers, and locations.


Instantly see what happened around the time of an offence using the integrated mapping.


Easy to read reports display on the dashboard identifying top locations and contacts in an instant.

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Analyse lots of Data

Instant Results

Evidential Reports

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Cleanse and Analyse Multiple Data Types

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Chat and Instant Messaging

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Top 10 Uses For Chorus Investigate

Investigate's ability to cleanse, combine and connect call data, ANPR and device downloads and visualise it all in an intuitive way to rapidly generate lines of enquiry and answer key investigative questions has been making a big difference to those pioneers already using it.

Here are 10 use cases that have been delivering positive outcomes for those involved.

1. Manhunts

Instant mapping of call data using cell sites to assist with locating wanted people, identify strongholds, co-conspirators and vehicles of interest.

2. Missing People

Quickly establish a pattern of life, movement of missing persons and their associates and location of key addresses to locate and safeguard vulnerable people.

3. Past and Present Movement of Suspects

Investigate past and current movement of suspects to link them to offences, show meetings and associations between individuals and direct overt or covert resources to attend locations, execute warrants or make arrest attempts.

4. Disclosure

Especially for cases involving sexual misconduct or domestic abuse, Chorus can be used to search all SMS messages, Whatsapp and other online chat to identify key words and phrases that could prove pivotal in cases whilst satisfying disclosure requirements.

5. Vehicle Identification

Add key locations to a map such as ANPR cameras. Compare call data and ANPR to identify a previously unknown vehicle from movements of a phone.

6. Warrant Applications

Use evidence from Chorus to support all court warrants such as extradition, premises searches and bench warrants for arrest of subjects who fail to appear.

7. Directing CCTV Enquiries

Use mapped call and ANPR data to follow the movements of a wanted or missing person to help direct CCTV enquiries.

8. County Line Phone Attribution

Attribute numbers and devices to subjects and keep a master phone database up-to-date. Adding new data to the master will instantly identify if an entity has appeared before and if an old line has been reactivated.

9. Co-location of Phones and GPS-enabled Devices

Combine and overlay multiple sets of call data to demonstrate co-location of clean phones and ‘dirty’ phones to attribute devices or other GPS devices.

10. Event Schedules

Produce event schedules of calls and SMSs / chat to demonstrate communications between two parties. Export as an Excel document to format and use evidentially.

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