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Simply and confidently turn data into intelligence and evidence

Combine and query any digital data, in a single place, to get a complete view of people, objects, locations, or events.

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Intelligence Software

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Realize the full potential of your data to get answers, fast

In today’s ever-increasing digital landscape, the volume of structured and unstructured data is vast. It flows in from multiple sources and in various formats, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to ingest, format and interrogate.

The Chorus Intelligence Suite addresses this challenge. Its modular applications work seamlessly to turn data into knowledge:




Transform your data into intelligence

Data cleansing made easy

Cleanse all digital data to an admissable standard and perform in-depth analysis and enrichment at the touch of a button. Ingest all forms of digital data including:

  • Communications data (call data records)
  • Handset downloads
  • RF survey
  • ALPR
  • Chat, instant messaging and more

Bank, credit card statements and trading data can also be uploaded to support with financial investigations. Search for patterns in the movement of funds across accounts and identify a financial lifestyle.

Visualize, enrich and expand your data

Connect to and search any available intelligence source to automatically query data and uncover links between people, objects, locations and events.

Visualize, enrich and expand your data in IBM i2® Analyst’s Notebook, or one of the Chorus applications, to explore unknown connections.

Choose to generate interactive timelines, maps, pivot tables, heat charts and matrices to interrogate your data in a number of ways.

Customized reporting

Query any of the 50 most frequently-asked investigative questions and generate reports, to evidential standards if required.

For example, generate a report on an individual’s top 10 interactions or identify potential meetings between entities.

Set parametres and filters to customize searches and visualize particular data sets.

Transform your analytical effectiveness and efficiency

Chorus provides intuitive, self-serve interfaces and functionality meaning anyone working on your investigation can use it and reduces the reliance on data experts.

Data can be developed across multiple different industries including law enforcement, national security, financial institutions and more.

Minimize the scope for human error, transform efficiency, and deliver high assurance analytical results, every time.

Chorus was invaluable for processing and analyzing all the data. Manual processing would have taken several weeks and the additional functionality and speed gave us many options for identifying important details that would have been otherwise impossible to uncover.

Inspector, UK Police Force

Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Chorus Suite is a modular solution designed to help organizations conduct every aspect of a digital investigation as efficiently as possible.

Connect to and search any available intelligence source for greater confidence.

Easily collect and develop your data into intelligence and evidence and securely disseminate, all from one place.

Request a demo. Be empowered.

Seeing is believing. Request a demo to see our Intelligence Suite in action and how it can help solve your data challenges.