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Chorus Financial

Financial investigation software to analyze bank statements and other financial data to detect fraud and money laundering.

Reduce the time spent processing bank statements and spend more time on analysis to highlight illegal financial activity.

Financial investigation software
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Follow the money and instantly detect financial crime

Financial crime analysis has traditionally been a very ad-hoc, time consuming and arduous process, due to the lack of tools and resources available to efficiently and accurately input, analyze and report on illegal activities.

Chorus Financial has been developed to address this challenge.

Its advanced analytical modelling techniques enable you to ‘follow the money’ and identify and report on indicators of illegal activities, reducing the risk of financial crime. 

How it works

Automatically load financial data

Drag and drop financial data in and it is immediately enhanced.

A smart automatic categorization tool codes all transactions.

A summary table quickly shows you how an account is functioning.

Financial investigation

Account activity

See how accounts are performing over time with clear visualizations and a timeline.

Financial investigation - heat map

Pattern finder

Finds the flow of funds moving through multiple accounts.

Use reports and other visualizations to link transactions and identify financial indicators of fraud and money laundering.

Financial investigation - pattern finder

The time spent analyzing data has been cut to a fraction of that used prior to having Chorus available.



Cleanse and analyze all data  icon

Cleanse and analyze all data

Upload any financial data. For example, bank statements, SARs and automated cleanising rules will search for patterns in the movement of funds across multiple accounts

Detect patterns instantly  icon

Detect patterns instantly

Group data sets to reveal patterns and trends, such as transaction type. For example, cash, direct debit and by supplier (supermarket, utilities etc.)

Generate custom reports  icon

Generate custom reports

Automatically generate bespoke reports to identify connections and build an investigation

Dynamic visualization  icon

Dynamic visualization

Visualize the flow of funds through a number of charts and tables to identify financial networks

Enrich data to enhance investigative capability icon

Enrich data to enhance investigative capability

Automatically add extra information to transactions to help build up a profile and identify a financial lifestyle

Save time, maximize efficiency and improve accuracy  icon

Save time, maximize efficiency and improve accuracy

Save up to 90% of an Analyst or financial investigator's time in the data formatting stage

Designed + built To Integrate

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Enhance Financial with the Intelligence Suite

Our Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organizations solve their investigative challenges.

Request a demo. Be empowered.

Seeing is believing. Request a demo to see our Intelligence Suite in action and how it can help solve your data challenges.