Data Collection

Connect to and search any data source, anywhere, and securely capture, analyze and store it in a collaborative digital hub

Seamlessly connect to any intelligence source or publicly available information

Intelligence Software

Search and capture any data, anywhere

In the ever-increasing digital world that we live in, information is growing at an exponential rate.

External threats are increasing and criminals are finding new and smarter ways to commit crimes and hide identities virtually. Finding and capturing the relevant intelligence to support an investigation is, therefore, becoming harder than ever.

Chorus can help you overcome your data challenges by enabling you to search any data source, anywhere, and securely capture and enrich data with interoperable tools.

Be confident that you are finding and exploiting all your data to its full potential, to support investigations and answer key questions.


Streamlined data collection

Find any data to support an investigation

Connect to and search any internal or external intelligence source where access is permitted, including:

  • Consented data
  • Social media
  • News feeds
  • Company information
  • Threat intelligence

Create custom connectors for specific data sources.

Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) can read unstructured data, such as PDFs and text files, to help spot connections and compare cases.

Capture open source intelligence, from one place

Conduct targeted simultaneous searches, across multiple sources, and capture digital evidence in a single click.

Feed all captured data to a central point where it can be interrogated.

Choose a non-attributable network

Remain discreet and choose when to reveal and hide identities.

Never miss a connection

Conduct perpetual surveillance. Search by subject of interest or URL.

You can also create watchlists and receive real-time visual alerts when new information is added on entities.

Chorus proved to be a valuable tool during the investigation and preparation for court.

Serious Crime Investigator

Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Chorus Suite is a modular solution designed to help organizations conduct every aspect of a digital investigation as efficiently as possible.

Connect to and search any available intelligence source for greater confidence.

Easily collect and develop your data into intelligence and evidence and securely disseminate, all from one place.

Request a demo. Be empowered.

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