Chorus Intelligence launches industry-first end-to-end digital intelligence platform

Combine and connect all digital investigation data via one platform and one dashboard

We are excited to announce the launch of the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), an end-to-end digital intelligence platform to empower law enforcement, financial and corporate institutions to take control of every aspect of their digital investigations.

The CIS features intuitive data cleansing, analysis, search and entity enrichment tools that can be used to get investigative answers from your data. Analysts and investigators are supported to conduct end-to-end digital investigations, helping to improve crime detection rates, manage resourcing, increase efficiency and promote collaboration and sharing.

Key capabilities of the CIS include:

  • Federated search and enrichment– Query any entity, such as an alias, phone number or email address and bulk search over 200 social media platforms, all from one place.
  • Data cleansing and analysis– Automatically ingest, cleanse and format any digital data, such as Call Data Records (CDRs), handset downloads, ALPR files and more, saving 97% of your time.
  • Case management and sharing – Store and share all your investigative case data in one fully secure, audited, access-controlled and searchable digital repository.
  • Secure open-source capture – Capture images, videos and webpages instantly. A fully obfuscated environment will allow analysts and investigators to remain anonymous.
  • Internal data integration – Upload any internal and unstructured legacy files, to be made searchable against your historical and operational cases, for seamless cross-case analysis. Real-time access to existing line of business structured data can also be leveraged by integrating legacy solutions into the platform.
  • Evidential Reporting – Seamlessly combine your open-source evidence with your consented and internal data, in a single courtroom ready reporting framework.

“The overwhelming amount of data that must be considered as part of an investigation today is unmanageable and we recognized the need for a solution that would not only locate data from multiple sources, but also overlay and combine it all in one place, to enable connections to be spotted quickly,” said Boyd Mulvey, Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Intelligence.

“As a customer driven organization, most of the features and functionality within the CIS have been developed following user feedback. We are delighted that the suite has been so well received and we look forward to supporting our new and existing users with the new capabilities.”

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We will work closely with you to organize your implementation and schedule your training. Our helpdesk will also be on hand to help you with any technical support.

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