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In the increasingly digital world that we live in, social media platforms and messaging applications are being used more by criminals to help facilitate crimes, from organized drug deals to shooting incidents and planned riots.

The nature, volume and complexity of social media evidence poses multiple challenges for law enforcement. However, its opensource nature also features as an invaluable evidence tool in investigations.

The issue police and sheriff departments have is that they lack the technological tools to capture, store, analyze, and share information gleaned from social media postings.

What’s more, navigating social media can be a challenge in itself, which is why simple and intuitive tools are needed to support officers in obtaining opensource evidence.



Digital intelligence capture

The Chorus Intelligence Suite is proven to help law enforcement agencies exploit social media to identify online threats and instantly capture and store evidence, to build investigations.

Made up of modular applications, all digital evidence is stored in a read-only format in a collaborative workspace. Gone are the days of printing on-line evidence that may later disappear from the internet.

All captured data can be overlaid with other forms of evidence eg: call data, CCTV and ALPR to form logical connections in identifying suspects and victims.


How Chorus can help

Capture digital evidence, instantly

Search across all web pages and social media platforms and capture relevant pages and information in a single click.

For example, obtain the whole of a twitter feed of someone suspected of planning an illegal gathering or capture Facebook posts of a victim of domestic abuse.

Capture this evidence without having to go through multiple screenshots and keep a log of all URLs visited to demonstrate search and discovery evidence paths.

Choose to remain anonymous

Use a non-attributable network from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone to conduct covert, online surveillance of individuals and criminal organizations.

Launch any browser and choose when to hide your identity.

For example, remain anonymous when searching LinkedIn profiles or business websites suspected of being used for criminal activities (money laundering).

Conduct surveillance, create watchlists and get notified

Conduct perpetual surveillance by subject of interest or URL.

For example, create a keyword list to be searched for across multiple platforms to identify potential threats. Eg: Search “Capitol Hill” in relation to “weapon, assault, riot, attack etc.” When such words appear, you will immediately receive an alert to ensure vital evidence is not missed.



Audit timeline

Secure storage and sharing hub

Once you have captured your digital data, it can be securely stored in a read-only format in a browser-based, collaborative hub. Access levels can be applied and a full audit maintained to see who has accessed what and when.

Encrypted evidence can then be shared with anyone and any organization.


Create courtroom ready reports with robust redaction

Set up templates and automatically generate intelligence reports and exhibits to an evidential standard.

Use robust redaction to protect the integrity of alias accounts and prevent collateral intrusion.

The applications enable staff to focus on the evidential standards and procedures in a unique way

Digital Media Investigator

Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organizations solve their investigative challenges.

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