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Fight off financial crime with Chorus

Financial crime continues to hit record highs—impacting companies in more diverse ways than ever before.

In the United Sates alone, over half of all companies (56%) have experienced financial crime in the past 24 months, with customer fraud, cybercrime and accounting fraud being the top three criminal activities reported.*

These financial crimes, as well as public corruption, money laundering and corporate fraud, to name a few, are characterized by reams of financial data and endless documents. Investigating them is therefore labor intensive and law enforcement agencies lack the resources, time and technical expertise to ingest, analyze and interpret the data required to identify meaningful evidence.

*PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020



Follow the money

The Chorus Intelligence Suite is proven to help law enforcement agencies reduce the risk of financial crime by quickly identifying and reporting on indicators of fraudulent and illegal activities.

Made up of modular applications, its advanced analytical modelling techniques enable you to ‘follow the money’. Instantly cleanse, enhance and analyze all financial data to detect patterns in the movements of funds and identify and report on suspicious activity.

How Chorus can help

Cleanse and analyze all financial data

Upload any financial data. For example, bank and credit card statements, ebanking (eg: PayPal), trading data and SARs.

A smart automatic categorization tool codes all transactions.

A summary table quickly shows you how an account is functioning and will search for patterns in the movement of funds across multiple accounts.

Save up to 90% of a Financial Analyst’s time in the data formatting stage.

Financial investigation

Enrich data to enhance investigative capability

Group data sets to reveal patterns and trends, such as transaction type. For example, cash, direct debit and by supplier (supermarket, utilities etc.)

Automatically add extra information to transactions to help build up a profile and identify a financial lifestyle.

Identify where cash flows appear too large and where salaries do not match day-to-day expenditures. The visualization of the flow of funds swiftly identifies a financial network.

Financial investigation - pattern finder

Dynamic visualization and reporting

Custom reports can be generated on any financial crime analysis. Chart the activity of an account over time and use a fully interactive pivot table to display results to offer as intelligence and evidence.

Take the courtroom-ready reports to trial to prove financial crimes, such as:

  • False accounting entries and/or misrepresentations of financial condition
  • Fraudulent trades designed to inflate profits or hide losses
  • Illicit transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight
  • Insider trading
  • Individual tax violations related to self-dealing





Financial investigation - heat map

The time spent analyzing data has been cut to a fraction of that used prior to having Chorus available.


Designed + built To Integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

The Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined as a full platform to help organizations solve their investigative challenges.

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