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The volume of data available online is constantly growing. There are now over 4 billion social media users globally and with data spread across websites, public information sources and various intelligence databases, finding the open source intelligence needed to support an investigation has become harder than ever.

However, with the number of criminal investigations now requiring open source evidence to secure a conviction, having the means to locate, search, interrogate and share open source data is crucial.

What if we could tell you that there is now a way to seamlessly access any data, located anywhere and securely capture it and store it in a collaborative hub?

Search any data, anywhere

Connect to any available intelligence source, such as social media, whooster and pipl to automatically query data

Capture evidence

Capture any web or social media page in a single click and store as a searchable PDF

Store and collaborate

Store and share all data relating to an investigation in one fully secure and collaborative workspace

How it works

Create your own Google

Every investigation starts with a piece of information, such as a name, address and phone number.

Leverage Chorus Search to use the information you have to search across:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pipl
  • Whooster
  • FullContact

Chorus Search can also be used to connect to internal data and other intelligence databases.

Explore connections

Overlay and expand your search data to visualize connections.

See who is connected to who, what and how and answer key questions, instantly.

One click capture

Use your browser to navigate to the source of the intelligence. With Chorus Capture you can then capture the whole web page or just a section of it with a simple click.

You can also choose to remain anonymous using our disguised search function.


Redact and store

Captured intelligence is stored as a searchable PDF.

Within this PDF, automatically redact names, numbers, or any keyword and store the result in the Chorus Hub.


Report and share

Quickly and easily create a case in the Chorus Hub that you can collaborate with team members on.

Choose what to include in reports and evidential packs from all the data and intelligence that you have stored.

Evidence has now gone digital. We must get a grip on the vast tide of criminal data and find a way to use it to our advantage. Having one tool that helps us analyze this digital evidence and find answers makes a huge difference.

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Designed + built to integrate

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Modular solutions. Powerfully combined.

Our Intelligence Suite is modular. Each product can be deployed individually or combined into a single platform to help organizations solve their investigative challenges.

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